First Contact (Part 1)

The last electric crack of my lash seemed to fall out of the air as we all shuddered into stillness. Even my horse, Falter, who had been in the middle of rearing against the nearest foe, dropped to the ground and trembled. Was it even our bodies that shook, or was it the atmosphere? Every […]

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Sleeping Dogs (excerpt)

Lights up suddenly on Hakima, dressed in torn white rags and spattered with crimson. Her arms are spread at her sides, held carefully so as not to touch her own body. She is shaking and dissociated. After a painful, long pause, she speaks. HAKIMA; Too long ago I was a swaddling babeRememb’ring now I think […]

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The Ocean and The Rock

The Ocean and the Rock are the oldest of friends. To the two of them it seems as if they’ve known each other forever, but this is not so. The Rock was born first, rolling in from some nearby, unseeable corner of space. She had taken her time, rolling around in stardust and emptiness and […]

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Bernie Girl

Last night I had this dream : I went to a coffee shop downtown to work on The Next Great American Novel and suddenly, to my right, I notice a weathered, sad man staring blankly down into a cup of coffee and jim beam. His white hair is in stark disarray, his eyes purple and […]

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