autumnal feelings

it was probably a king back wherever it came from its colors rushed up in a gradient from a deep plum to a red that was a slap in the face it probably lived at the top of the tree getting all the sunlight free from the human things below that destroyed its peers wherever […]

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there’s something sad about it

walking down the road Alone at night I see heaps of broken furniture dark, aromatic sodden fractured beautiful bones of a long-dead creature worn smooth from the short span where they got to be part of a life but holding the long sweet aching memory of the Tree without understanding why I carefully pick through […]

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The Prince & Queen (Part 2)

Ada turned to stare at him. Silhouetted by the fire she looked even smaller and frailer than before. Her eyes were hard and bright, though, and she didn’t seem at all warmed or amused by him. For a full minute she stared hard at him, then she crossed her arms and sat back down at his table. The thought crossed his mind that Ada was really just a terrified, lost kid, holding all that feeling inside with tight seams. Another moment of silence passed and just as he was about to say something awkwardly encouraging, her stomach growled loudly.

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The Prince & Queen (Part 1)

He had lived in this town as long as he could remember, alone as long as he could remember. His neighbors had told him the truth: His parents had come into town with enough money to buy the house he lived in and start a life. They had seemed like nice folk, his neighbors said. They had been polite enough, though they never came to town hall and they had their groceries delivered to the door. He was no more than four years old when he’d come here with his parents and he didn’t remember where he’d been before that. Whatever sort of people his parents were, whatever their situation, Ezra didn’t know. One day, without warning, they had packed up their things and left him in the house. Everyone in the town saw them driving their nice silver car out through the main road and had thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until a week later when a policeman went by the house to inspect that they knew Ezra had been left behind. He had been eating canned beans and bread for days. The milk had gone bad.

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