hungry, so hungry

I crave a field I crave a field so huge I’m terrified to wade across its face I crave a field at night with warm breeze and fireflies with warm breeze that hums and sighs in under my skirt kisses my calves, thighs, cunt and draws in a dry, cool lightning storm and my heart […]

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The Prince & Queen (Part 1)

He had lived in this town as long as he could remember, alone as long as he could remember. His neighbors had told him the truth: His parents had come into town with enough money to buy the house he lived in and start a life. They had seemed like nice folk, his neighbors said. They had been polite enough, though they never came to town hall and they had their groceries delivered to the door. He was no more than four years old when he’d come here with his parents and he didn’t remember where he’d been before that. Whatever sort of people his parents were, whatever their situation, Ezra didn’t know. One day, without warning, they had packed up their things and left him in the house. Everyone in the town saw them driving their nice silver car out through the main road and had thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until a week later when a policeman went by the house to inspect that they knew Ezra had been left behind. He had been eating canned beans and bread for days. The milk had gone bad.

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We all know that life for children is a dramatic balancing act on the line between bullying and being bullied, tormenting or being tormented. As a child I stuck close to Darwinism. I wasn’t raised that way. My father didn’t teach me to be so afraid of the world that I had to grind it down into the ground just to feel safe. My mother never told me that the only way to avoid cruelty was to be cruel but, being a child—and a particularly unlikeable one—that was the only truth life had taught me so far. And I, like everyone else my age, taught it to someone else.

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On March 17, 2017 I Had This Dream

As I open my eyes and discover these monsters, there is a pause–containing infinity–where I look up and into their eyes and my whole heart is calm. I am the eye in the storm of fear that looms around me. Then I chug the last of my drink and swing my barstool in a wide circle around me to get to the door, which I kick open with phenomenal strength, breaking the hinges and the wall.

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