artist, musician, actor, writer, and model from Washington DC.

Due to COVID precautions, currently accepting only limited modeling inquiries from within the DC area.

Photos by Farrah Skeiky

Farrah Skeiky is an Arab American photographer, creative director, and writer based in Washington, DC. To Farrah, being a multi-hyphenate is about having multiple access points to people, conversations, communities, and meaningful connections.

Photos by Mike Kim

Mike Kim shares his love of music, dedication to Kimchi, and photography career as a few important characteristics. Specializing in music and event photography, Mike’s goal is to capture the energy, emotions and curiosity of human experience. Only 2 years of photography experience, he already photographed multiple events and concerts in DMV area for local publications.

Photos by Sami Cola

Sami is a DC film photographer, portraitist and artist. These are from their series on gender, identity, and expression.

Body paint by Onyx Artistry. Photos by Zayn Nehan

Onyx Em is a genderfluid body painter and performer.

Zayn Nehan is a genderqueer African phtotographer and performer.